How Can You Treat Ibs: Natural Remedies for IBS

How Can You Treat Ibs: Natural Remedies for IBS

IBS is a widespread digestion disorder that affects nearly 50 million Americans. For a health problem that has such a high incidence rate and causes a great deal of pain, it receives hardly any attention. Hence, there should be greater awareness on the remedial measures for relieving this condition. Depending on the severity and frequency of indicants, IBS can greatly interfere with the quality of life. Sadly, the drug intervention protocols have not proved to be very effective in providing long-term relief, and some of them have led to side effects that have worsened the original symptoms. However, the good news is that there are a number of natural cures for IBS that are effective and aid in healing the body in a synergistic manner.

  • Aloe vera has certain antibiotic properties that help to clean up the impurities, as well as relieve the intestinal tract lining.
  • It gets rid of all the wastes, dead skin, and other impurities responsible for constipation.
  • The polysaccharides present in aloe, resist the growth of bacteria on the wall of the intestines.
  • It is also very rich in fiber content.
  • These fibers are capable of detoxifying the colon by eliminating the toxic materials.
  • Besides, the vitamins and minerals present in the plant, remove the sticky substances clinging to the walls of the intestines.

Produces and excretes bile juice which helps in breaking down fat. Bile plays an important role in the digestion of fats. When the liver is damaged and is not able to filter excessive bile from the blood, serious problems might take place. The presence of excess bile in the blood might cause the skin, eyes and nails to look pale. This condition is referred to as jaundice. It is an indication of liver damage or failure. There may be a number of other signs of liver failure, which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Constipation Constipation is a condition that causes hardening of stools, due to which defecation ends up being a painful activity. In such circumstances, to press the stools, through the colon requires more effort. Thus eliminating tough stools can put undue stress on any part of the rib cage. It is observed that people struggling with constipation have to exert a lot of pressure to remove fecal matter and this may cause discomfort on the left or right side of the ribs.

  • There is no added sign, the condition might go away within a few days (with or without medical treatment).
  • In such cases, both the eyes may develop the condition.
  • Apart from reddish patches or reddened sclera, the small capillary in the eyes may also look prominent.
  • The eyes might end up being watery and develop a gritty feeling.

Eat Small Meals

6 small meals instead of three full-course meals is valued by your system. Now, this does not mean you cut down on amount and the calories required by your body and required by your lifestyle. Your meals should be in accordance with the aforementioned factors.

  • Treatment: For treating this condition, certain over-the-counter laxatives can be taken.
  • Consuming a high fiber diet, drinking lots of fluids, and working out regularly also provides relief from irregularity.

The area between the breastbone or thorax and the pelvic bone is called abdomen. The part above the navel is referred to as upper abdominal area and the one below it is called lower abdomen. It is the biggest cavity in the human body. The abdominal area consists of numerous important body structures, like the kidneys, liver, pancreas, etc. A problem in any of them may lead to abdominal pain. There can be a number of factors that can lead to left side abdominal pain. Sometimes, pain due to a particular condition on the right side of the abdomen, radiates to the left side. It makes the detection of the correct reason behind abdominal pain a tough task. Some important ones are mentioned here:

Medical Treatment

As pointed out earlier, there is no cure for spastic colon. The standard treatment is aimed at providing remedy for the signs. It includes medicines to control diarrhea/constipation, antidepressants, anticholinergic medicines (to control activities of the autonomic nervous system and for relief from bowel spasms), antibiotics (for patients with overgrowth of bacteria in the intestine), and fiber supplements (for those with constipation). Spastic colon patients must avoid foods, like carbonated beverages, salads, and raw fruits. Vegetables, like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower, are also not good for them. Such foods cause bloating.

  • Order to make the pepper mint tea merely brew one to two tea spoons of dried mint leaves per 8 ounce cup of fresh boiling water.
  • Now you can sugarcoat to your preference and drink it two or three times a day with no headache.

Uterine Conditions

In women, as the uterus lies in the lower stomach, disorders related to it can also cause lower abdominal and pain in the back. Uterine fibroid, dysmenorrhea, ovarian cysts, etc., cause pain in one side of the lower abdomen and back.

  • Treatment: For the treatment of tapeworm infection, the doctor generally recommends parasite-killing medicines to kill the intestinal tract parasite.
  • Examples of such medications are praziquantel (biltricide) and nitazoxanide (alinia).
  • To prevent tapeworm infection, wash your hands properly before eating and after using the toilet.
  • Also, maintaining hygiene in the kitchen is recommended.
  • Get your meat and fish from a reliable source and cook them thoroughly as all the eggs are killed in the process.

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  • Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): This disorder affects the lower portion of the intestinal tract.
  • An irregular contraction in the muscles of the intestinal tract wall often causes irritable bowel syndrome.
  • This condition prevents the regular bowel movements.
  • As a result, these patients experience alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea along with the stomach pain.
  • The exact cause behind this abnormality is not clearly known.
  • A few of its common triggers include stress, hormonal modifications and imbalance of good and bad germs in the intestine.
  • In some cases, the sensitive nerves of the intestines become tensed and increase the chance of IBS.

Cause - Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The cramping is accompanied by signs such as abdominal pain, mucous in stool, constipation or diarrhea, stomach bloating and gas, it could be due to irritable bowel syndrome. The primary reasons behind this condition are stress, allergic reactions to particular food items such as dairy products, hormonal imbalances, certain medication and other diseases such as diarrhea.

  • The term 'poop' refers to the solid waste matter that is removed out of the body during bowel evacuation.
  • Generally, a healthy bowel movement produces brown colored stools.
  • A change in stool color to green indicates that something is wrong with the intestines but can also mean excessive intake of certain foods.
  • It is discussed below:

Less Common Ones

In some cases, it has been found that individuals experience irregularity in blood pressure, in addition to digestion issues. Urinary tract infections (UTI) and all symptoms connected to it also show up as some of the severe health effects caused by black mold exposure. The same can lead to medical conditions of the liver, and other organs of the body. There have been cases wherein, people were diagnosed with infertility which arised from living in a black mold-infested house for a prolonged period.

So, all in all, mucus in stool during pregnancy is usually not a serious condition, but if mucous is excreted in addition to blood, the condition needs medical attention. You need to get in touch with a doctor so that you know the specific reason behind this condition.

  • Dealing with IBS Symptoms in Ladies throughout PregnancyDealing with IBS Symptoms in Ladies throughout Pregnancy Irritable bowel syndrome or the IBS symptoms in women are very common throughout their pregnancy stage. Nevertheless, this will never ever affect the pregnancy of a female in spite of the condition. Throughout this phase, the signs of IBS are ending...
  • 7 Home Remedies For Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

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    Is the bentonite clay just which assisted the Egyptians to maintain their popular mummies. Studies and researches report that numerous so-called 'primitive' tribes have utilized clay for both internal and external purification. The clay was used by ancient Greeks and Romans to restore health. Mahatma Gandhi advised the clay for health and detoxing. The clay is a natural resource. Bentonite clay adverse effects are negligible.

    Celiac Illness

    People who are not able to tolerate intake of food products that contain gluten are stated to suffer from celiac disease. Gluten is a type of protein in wheat products, oats and rye. When patients diagnosed with celiac disease include gluten products in their diet, it injures inner lining of the small intestine and is accompanied by poor digestion, excessive gas and abdominal discomfort.

    • Say no to carbonated beverages.
    • Adhere to lemon juice, or the old and exceptionally devoted hydrant, water.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    IBS is associated with the conditions of big intestine. This disorder may trigger constipation, bloating, burping, cramping, diarrhea, etc. There is no proper treatment to treat this disorder but by following couple of precautions and by getting rid of few food items from your diet, you can take control over the condition.

    Intolerance to Certain Foods

    There are certain food products which can be responsible for a bloated stomach. Vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, cabbages, onions, and garlic are known to cause a bloated stomach. Some dairy products as well as wheat, also might cause this condition. Excessive consumption of food products which consist of the protein gluten cause bloating, too. This protein acts notorious as it produces a lot of gas. If you have started following a high-fiber diet recently, it is advised that you stop this diet for a while. You can reintroduce the fiber, however, slowly, so that you do not have a bloated stomach. However, do not skip fiber from your diet absolutely.

    How Can You Treat Ibs

    • Highly processed foods are abundant in salt and low in fiber.
    • Not good, for they contribute to the bloated feeling.
    • Check out the labels, and drop only those canned foods in your cart that clearly checked out "sodium-free," or "low-sodium content."
    • Soluble fiber supplements are similarly exceptional alternatives for pregnant mamas who are experiencing IBS.
    • They also need to rest correctly and get enough sleep at night or during their extra time.
    • Of course, if the condition becomes severe, the most proper trait to do is visit a relied on doctor now.
    • There are several types of medications now that work in avoiding the signs of IBS.
    • For instance, Bentyl and Diclectin are popular medications that a lot of pregnant women are using if they experience irritable bowel syndrome.

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    Tension Managementstress is a Crucial Trigger for IBS

    To handle the level of tension, you can take the assistance of stress management techniques like meditation and yoga. Regular physical activity can likewise boost your mental health by reducing the level of tension. Even a pastime or an activity that you love to do can assist you deal with a demanding situation.

    IBS Free Diet

    Before you think about following diet plan you need to be mindful that everyone has different tolerances and can respond badly to particular foods. So you ought to tailor your diet around your own personal details, but you can use this as a rough guideline.

    Most of the times, a pregnant female might not experience hormone changes during the initial trimester period. One reason is that she is more issue on dealing with morning sickness. This in some way avoids the symptoms from troubling her. On the second trimester duration, the hormonal changes are more evident and the IBS signs will begin to manifest due to the fact that of the changes that the female is experiencing on this stage.

    House Remedies

    As there is no cure for this condition, the only way out is to control the signs. The majority of the solutions mentioned above, are found to be effective, for this purpose. These are some of the remedies that can help you in controlling the symptoms of spastic colon. All you have to do is avoid the trigger factors, and adopt the remedial measures.

    Despite the fact that there are treatments available for pancreas issues, you need to take preventive procedures to avoid it. You must quit smoking and consumption of alcohol. Lastly, also note that having a healthy diet and way of life also helps in prevention of several illness and conditions. Take care!

    Medications Apart from dietary modifications and workout, medications can be required at times to handle signs like irregularity, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. Usually, a fiber-rich diet and adequate fluid intake should help alleviate constipation. If these simple remedies fail to ensure regular bowel movements, then laxatives may be required. Examples of some commonly used laxatives are:

    Besides the above pointed out health conditions, there are numerous other conditions with bloating as a sign such as indigestion, colitis, giardiasis, hyperventilation, diverticulitis, etc. If you are dealing with bloating and abdominal distension, you can try out some remedies to alleviate the discomfort. Additionally, avoid consuming food items that cause bloating. In case of extreme bloating, it is necessary to consult the physician immediately.

    My only concern has been finding recipes that would go with my new routines. A couple of days ago while googleing the topic I discovered a whole new world, the universe of Paleo Diet, an eating plan that basically removes gluten and diary from the picture, just exactly what I was looking for!

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